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(At the risk of sounding ‘uncool’…) I just stumbled upon your site, and I am now extremely happy. I’ve been wondering for a while what happened to the developers of my favorite childhood games, and now that I have found out…
But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Blair Smith, I’m seventeen years old, and I am a devout Sierra game player, even now. Among my earliest and fondest memories are my dad and I trying to get Rosella out of the whale. I couldn’t type (I couldn’t even read at that point), so my dad did all the actual playing, but we worked at it and at it… until we resolved to buy a hint book.
I’m not quite sure about this, but according to my parents, I actually learned how to read off Kings Quest IV, Mixed up Fairy Tales, and Gold Rush. “You loved those three games, but your dad couldn’t play them for you all the time, so you eventually figured out how to read off them,” is what my mom says. Sounds a little too smart for something I could do, but I do know that I did love those games.
Since then, I moved on to play beat five out of eight kings quest games (I only found king’s quest one, three, and eight recently, still working on them) and gobble up every other sierra game I could find.
I am starting to ramble on at this point, so I’ll bring this to a close. Ken & Roberta Williams, you two, along with so many people who work at Sierra, have brought me so much as a child, and as a teenager, and as an almost-adult. At the risk of sounding ‘uncool’, I’ll say this: You two, along with the other developers of old sierra, are gods in my pantheon. Take that as you will, but that is as much gratitude I can give in one post.