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(Thanks from the other side of the world.)

Writing from Australia,
I was just a kid when I got my first adventure game KQ 1. Sierra games were always a great escape and alot of fun to play.
Sierra’s games had something about them that is just lacking in todays games. Sure there is alot more eye candy but no games made today will ever have the impact the classics did KQ, PQ, LSL, QFG, SQ.
Even Sierra itself, it isnt sierra to me anymore. It just another company pushing out the same crap with no imagination. Sierra died when you and Roberta left.

I came across this site when I found Al Lowes, and it delighted me to find such a group of Sierra enthusiasts and found myself scouring ebay for classic sierra merchandise/software. No other game set in history would make me purchase it again so long past their prime.

It sometimes is a shame to think that all good things must come to an end… But unfortunatley they do.

Ken, You & Roberta founded a great company
When I play sierra titles it brings back so many great memories.

Thank you.