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Hi Ken, hi Jeff,

sorry for delaying asnwers.

@Jeff: The Website link is: (sorry, only in german).
@Ken: Legend of Zord is a 3D-action-adventure. A game like Prince of Persia.
Game Tycoon is a strategic-game, where you can build your own game-developement-company. You must create own games, make advertising, win auctions, find publishers, create new engines and so on… The shot shows the developer-office. All shots are as this. You can click several points in the screen (at this screen for example the plan-board, the clock, the coffeemaschine, the cyber-chicken on the monitor (cyber-chicken was another game of us 😉 )…

Legend of Zord sells not so good, but with Game Tycoon we have a lot of success. The main-reason for this maybe, that the germans loves games like this 😉 and it is funny.
We are searching for now for publishers all over the world.

I attach another shot of Game Tycoon, where you can see the interface to controll the game. The shot shows also the gameshop, where you get infos about the top-tens, can buy games…

In 2000, we also made a small season-greeting-programm. I think it was good. I have seen all old sierra season-cards and at 2000, I want to have an own and so we develope one for the xmas! Sorry, this version is only in german 😉 I can’t find the english-version.

Now I can only say to all: Have a very Xmas and special to Roberta and Ken: Thanx again to you. I think there are not many days, I didn’t think to the old times and the great games of Sierra -> of you! Also for you a very Xmas and if we didn’t see us on this great website till new year, also a happy New Year.

Regards, Marco

1.3MB.The link to our greeting-card of 2000. Have fun!