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(re: re: Good old Sierra-Times, Thanx to Ken & Roberta!) Hi Ken,
thanx for the answers. It’s a pleasure, that you answer to me.
At this time, I think that no companies do develope new adventure games. The most companies say that there were no people who will buy it. Sierra for example do the same. Have you take a look of the new Larry-Trailer ? It will be an action-adventure in 3D. That isn’t another Larry-Game! It’s a new (other) Larry game! The companies say, that no one will buy a new adventure game, which will be made like old adventure games (in 2D-view). But I (and also some other companies) didn’t think so. Best example is the game called “RunAway”. Ok it is a bit in 3D, but the view looks like an old adventure (in 2D). And the game has a lot of success. So the developer is stil creating the second title. And I think that other games like this example will have also a lot of success.
I have download the engine of Jeff and will have a look on it in the next time. 100 $ is a very low price. (Oh, when I think at Jeff and Dynamix I think also to the great Game-Row “The incredible Machine”… 😉 ). Is GarageGames the company of Jeff?
I understand what you doing right now. You were a successful company-owner and you have reached many many things (all?). If I were at your positions, I will do the same. But I am not at your position ;). My company is very small at this time, and we work hard each month – each day – each hour ;).
I will put two shots of two games from us. There will be much more games, but this shots are from the newest games. The first screenshot is a shot of Legend of Zord, the other a shot of our actually strategy-game called “Game Tycoon”, which was released two month ago. Have fun with it.
Many greetings to you and Roberta.
Regards, Marco

A shot of the game called Legend of Zord.
A shot of Game Tycoon, our actually game!