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Hi everybody,
Please help!! I was just replaying the floppy version of King’s Quest 5 and everything ran fine… until I got to the end. After I kill Mordack with the rain spell and Graham tries to figure out how to rescue his family, Cassima appears and they have a little conversation. The game hangs up right when she is saying ‘after all you have gone through, there has to be some way…’ or something like that (how appropriate!). I think Crispin is supposed to appear at this point, but the dialogue window does not dissapear and the game stays like that forever. I can tell however that the game is not completely frozen because the cursor still moves and the animation of the burning embers keeps running. I am playing under Windows XP and have tried running the game through DOSBOX and VDMSound with the same results. If somebody knows how to fix this bug or a workaround to the problem your help would be greatly appreciated. I can’t believe I played through the whole game only to get stuck just before the ending sequence!!! Damn…

Hi again… I’m updating this post. I’ve been doing some research about this bug and I found that maybe it’s not a real bug in the game it’s just that this is a corrupt version that got widespread on the web, cause I downloaded the game from2 different sites and I got the same thing, so please if someone has downloaded the game and succesfully completed it without any problems (on windows xp) I would appreciate very much that you post the url of the site where you got the game. Remember that I’m interested in the text only version of KQ5, cause I can’t stand the voice acting in the talkie version…