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Life gets harder with Windows XP.  On my computer, and I don’t know if it is the same on yours, ‘right mouse click’ on the ‘desktop’.  You should get a list.  Click on ‘properties’.  This should bring up your display settings.  There is other ways to get to your display settings but we will save that for another day.  There are several ‘tabs’ at the top of the Display settings window.  Click on ‘Settings’.  Note in Windows XP the 256 color setting has been hidden under the ‘Advanced’ Settings button.  I hope you can see that button.  Click on the Advanced button.  Under one of the tabs like Adapter there is a button that says ‘list all modes’.  Find one that says 256 colors and pick that.  And then say apply.  This will move your icons around, change your windows look and hopefuly not screw up your computer. : )  You can repeat the above but instead of going to advanced you can just pick 32 bit true color and return to previous settings.  That said make sure you write down your previous settings.  I hope this helps and have fun.