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I’m having timer related problems with Space Quest I VGA, Leisure Suit
Larry V and VI, and King’s Quest VI.  I have checked NRS’s site
which is mentioned in this forum.  Unfortunately the Mac versions
of all of Sierra’s adventure games have completely different file sets
than the PC versions the patches are intended for.  Another issue
is that games written for early Macs which use Motorola’s 68000 8 MHz
processor tend to have problems running on Macs that use either the
Motorola 68030 or 68040 processor or Macs that use PPC which emulate
Motorola 68LC040 processor.  My Macs are both running Mac OS
7.5.5.  I use a Mac LC II for Sierra’s earlier VGA games and a Mac
Performa 200/Classic II for the black and white games.  One such
bug I found in Leisure
Suit Larry causes a rare type of error known as a bomb error to
occur.  You will know when you see one of these because the dialog
box that appears has a black bomb icon in it.  The bomb error is
Leisure Suit Larry occurs when you flush the toilet in Lefy’s Bar and
requires you to reboot the Mac unless you have a special extension
called which prevents that from being necessary.  It’s called Bomb
Shelter.  Here is a link to my post on Apple’s System 7.X
Dicussions forum regarding the exact bomb error produced: 
I would also like to know if the address provided in the Leisure Suit Larry
VI manual for Sierra’s patch distribution center is still valid.