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oops well i found this on another part of this forum, and i think it may be fixing the problem…

hi. i did what you said about King’s Quest 6 and everything worked except when i tried to run it with VDMS. it said CAN’T FIND INTERP.ERR. please help!!”

I can help here. What has happened is that you put the batch file in another folder. Probably in a higher-up folder or something. Find the .bat file and put it into the folder where “INTERP.ERR” is (it’s also the folder where SCIWV.EXE is located). Then right click that, use with VDMS, and it should work fine. If VDMS created another shortcut file, and you want to use the same one, right-click the shortcut file, and where it says “DOS Command line,” click the Change button, and it should give you the option to find the .bat file wherever you have moved it.