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“…Doing Sierra tech support over the years gets to me sometimes…..”
then dont do it

i see the logic in using vdmsound even with older windows games. these games were designed to run with old soundblaster, adlib, and midi systems, so todays new soundcards probably present some incompatibility, even with the nice hardware abstraction that the windows programming model presents. the windows functions that outputed sound back in the win16 days were designed to work with those old cards. im sure that microsoft has made every effort to make them run in the win32 environment, but that emulation might be flawed in a way that vdmsound could help fix. who knows. certainly not you or i since neither of us developed windows or vdmsound. i haven’t taken the time to look into the source of vdmsound, so i cant say for certain if it helps or not. i doubt that you have either. you are just being rude.

and if someone prefers the windows version over the dos version, good for them. does it really matter to you?