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Jeez man, I’m not asking for any trouble here! All I wanted to know is if someone out there has the same techie problem as me, and if they found some way to solve it. I mean, if I buy a Honda and it breaks down, I’d like the mechanic to tell me if they can fix it… not tell me to buy a Chrysler before even looking at it. I got some more useful replies at a different forum, so don’t worry about it.

And if you have a better way of getting KQ6win to run without having to use VDMS (which, by the way, a lot of people have to do), then by all means… let us know! Please don’t belittle me for choosing not to use something else. I’m quite aware of the alternatives. That’s not the issue. Just try it for yourself and tell us how it goes. Maybe then we can discuss theory. I never said this stuff was rocket science, but it’s certainly not no-brainer material either. That’s why we have these forums and people coming up with “nonsense” methods to get their software to work in the first place. I certainly owe a lot to them.