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“… (by The Walker) yeah, I suppose it does keep with the general art style. Still, KQ6win was the first sierra game I ever played. It came free with my Compaq 486 90MHz … I always felt that the game was worth a lot more than the computer. =P Back then, dial-up Internet cost $20 each month for 10 hours, so the game was my primary source of entertainment after school.

To run the windows version, you right click on SCIVW.EXE, go to properties, click on the compatability tab, check all the boxes (and run in windows 95 mode). Then you make new text file, type “SCIVW.EXE -o C:SIERRAKQ6WINSIERRA.INI” (or where ever it put that file), save it as “run.bat”, and run run.bat using VDMSound. You might need to change the compatability settings of run.bat so that they’re the same as the compatability settings of SCIVW.EXE, too. The cursor bug might drive you nuts though. =(

Ooh, tasty waffle. 🙂

But seriously folks- you MUST be kidding! All that nonsense for an inferior game? VDM Sound does nothing for Windows games, anyway, IIRC..

Just play the DOS CD game with VDM Sound.. I can fix any problems with it..

– Alistair