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“… (by The Walker) Hey guys,

Does anyone else have this problem? I got the windows version of KQ6 running with VDMS, but the graphics for the mouse pointer don’t change as they should (i.e. If I select WALK/TALK/LOOK/GRAB from the menu, it doesn’t change. If I right-click, it doesn’t change). If I move the mouse outside the kq6 window and then bring it back in, it will change to what it should be, but this is really annoying. Is there any way around this? I’ve tried various settings in the Compatability tab and in VDMS… don’t think anything is working. I don’t have this problem with sq4.

Hey there (QFG3 reference in your nick?),

Don’t play KQ6 *or* SQ4 WIN versions, they’re crap. 🙂

But if you will persist with it, I’d set your display to 256 colours and 680*480 resolution, which SHOULD fix the cursors. But if it doesn’t.. then just play the disk version (which is better).

VDM Sound won’t change anything to do with graphics, by the way.

– Alistair