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This procedure may seem long but while playing and saving at the same time I make various combinations which end up in this problem. The problem occurs even if I save the game using the same name (for example: load torin1, save as torin1, load torin1, save as torin1 etc.) which makes it ever more serious. It might be helpful to mention that the problem doesn’t happen if I repetitively load or save the game. It occurs only after 8 repetitions of loading and saving the game are completed. These repetitions can be one after another or happen over a period of time with multiple saving or loading procedures intervene between them. To explain what I mean better, I will describe it with an example: If I play the game for a period of 8 days (assuming that I load the game once, when I start playing in, and I save it once or more times) then in the ninth day I won’t be able to save the game and the only thing I will be able to do is start a previous game and then hurry in order to reach the point of the ruined saved game so that I can continue playing until the older saved game is ruined as well (in which case I will have to repeat this procedure with another saved game).

The game’s version that I have is the bulk version that uses the program Sierraw.exe in order to run the game in Windows. All the patches come with the game and are stored in folder E:\Patches (I play the game while the original CD game is in drive E. The file is properly configured).

My system properties are:
CPU: Pentium II 233
Memory: 64 MB
Hard Drive: 4.00 GB
Operating System: Windows 98

I tried slowing down the CPU (down to 10%) with a program called Turbo.exe but the problem still remains which means that it probably is not CPU related.