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“… (by Alistair Gillett)
Johann: I completely agree. And one of my pet hates is tech support advice, esp. from Ebay sellers, recommending compatibility modes as a solution. Grr.

I completely agree! Who do those darn eBay sellers think they are? Giving their buyers simple, working and proven solutions instead of needlessly complicated ones, the nerve! I think it’s just plain wrong that they deprive their buyers of an intellectual challenge! Don’t they know that the frustration of getting an old DOS game to work on XP is almost as much fun as playing the actual game?

I’m so 1337 that I run all my old Sierra games in a DOSBox that runs in Wine that I installed on Linux which runs on my VMWare installation on Windows XP! Do eBay sellers ever tell you to do that? No! Because they’re all stupid n00bs! Aaaarrgghhhh!!!!!