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“…Nonsense. XP is a nightmare. Nowhere near as user-friendly as Win98 and slow as hell. Not to mention the near non-existant backwards compatibility….”
Now I’d disagree with that comment! XP’s sure as hell not the best OS to use. Like, duh- the games were designed for what, 486’s-> Win 95?
However, that said, XP will run a large proportion of Sierra games fine. All SCI1 (VGA) Sierra games will run fine under XP. A large proportion of others will as well! Most, even. Especially with new programs like DOSBOX. If you believe otherwise, you’re simply uninformed. I’m not recommending people play the games under Windows XP, far from it- I’m just saying it can be done, and is no “nightmare” that people such as yourself seem to believe.

“…You’d think so, but after selling a couple of hundred copies on eBay I think I can safely say that most people cannot do all those things themselves. Please keep in mind that not everyone is the 1337 H4X0R that you obviously are….”

I’ve doled out tech support advice for Sierra games at various message boards for years now. I’m fairly knowledgeable about getting the games working. I’m not some random character purporting to know more than they actually do!

Ergo, surely you could tell people to do this?

Anyways, we’ve run this point into the ground, I think..

– Alistair