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Where to begin? 🙂 At the beginning, I ‘spose..

“…go to Control panel – Display settings (right click on the Desktop – Properties) and select the
Appearance tab. Change Style to “windows classic”. After the setup return it to XP-style, if you like.

At least in my german WinXP it works. For more details you can visit Al Lowe’s troubleshooting site….”
I fail to see how this would achieve anything.. at least, anything remotely useful to the cause of running old games.

“…My recommendation to WinXP owners who want to play classic games (or any game older than four years, really) is simple:

1. Buy Windows 98 Second Edition. It is still commercially sold by Microsoft. Then download and install the full Internet Explorer 6, as it comes with all the updates you’ll need….”
How about you recommend something that will actually be of benefit to them, rather than recommending they fork out more money to Micro$oft to buy outmoded software? What nonsense. If you want to play the games on an old PC, *buy an old PC*..

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! WinXP is not a bogeyman OS. It actually runs almost all Sierra games without problems, if you have a clue as to what you’re doing! Simple fact is that most people don’t put any effort into solving their own tech-support problems. XP gets blamed a lot, but usually it’s people not having a clue. VDM Sound/Speedset, DOSBOX, the timer patch fixes by NewRisingSun.. are all you need.

“…On my site you can find an installer for Larry 7 to install the game on Windows 2000 and XP. The installer can install the entire game to hard disk (so you don’t need the CD-ROM when playing) and automatically sets all compatibility settings. You can find it here: 

There are also step by step instructions for those that want to do a manual installation. …”
No offence, but couldn’t people, say, copy the game from their LSL7 CD to their hard disk, and change compatibility settings themselves? Seems rather redundant to me.

Win2K is a nightmare to run DOS games on. Don’t bother. Use DOS, Win 3.1, 95, 98 or XP, the 5 best OS’s to run Sierra games on. LSL7’s not too hard to get running, though. Any Windows game should be OK, even in Win2000.. thoguh I hate all Sierra Windows versions of DOS games. 🙂

– Alistair