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(KQ8) Dumb Question:
Is KQ8 actually a game or just movie with a game loading screen that crashes after loading for 10 minutes?
Seriously, cause I just spent 2 days trying to get it to run on a K6, (clean boot, 50mb Virtual Memory, DirectX6 (and 9), 640Res w/16 bit-color, closed all programs except Explorer, etc)
I have the min. requirements:
266mhz, 64mb ram, 600mb HD space, etc etc, but the game ALWAYS crashes after loading the “Kingdom of Daventry”… I get a split second of sound and then BLAM,locked-up black screen. (and yes, I waited a half an hour to see if it would eventually load)
Does KQ8 just not like the K6?
Perhaps more importantly…
Why did it ask me for a Combat Difficulty level?
I would like or Me Gusto oder ich will: ANY HELP, IDEAS…
Many Thanks