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(re: Why one earth can my Paladin cast mage spells?) I don’t try to avoid it… fact I try to produce a character with all abilites. Heres my plan whenever I play:
1) Start as the thief..why? cuz he can do all quests and has the only access to the guild…..nice training that dagger board gives you. I also load up my thief with Parry and Magic. That way he can do everything.
2) Import and let the game call me a fighter. It also gives me my thieves license and pick locks as well as my magic from game 1. Then I do all the mage quests, thives quests and fighters quests…..and become a paladin.
3) Import and I am called a true paladin (if done right). Now my character is all 4….magic, thieves stuff, strength, and paladin magic. Of course…there are not many theif quests to be done in 3 so my honour grows fast.
4) Import as a paladin again….now this game is fun…, all skills can be used and it even gives me some magic I never had before…hehe. It is also the easiest to avoid errors using this char.

If you do this method you get the most out of all the games….I do it every time I play. 🙂