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(re: Game Sound, HOWTO) Hello,
To avoid right-clicking every time, install VDMSLaunchpad, a companion to VDMSound. I have found that by creating a BAT or CMD file for each game, right clicking on the icon, choosing Properties, and configuring the VDMSound tab only once, is the most flexible and quickest way to get a game running. Same for modifying any settings later on.
Be sure to first run the game setup with VDMSound loaded (no need to create a BAT file since you’ll do it only once), and save the configuration.
Note that to get the best sound quality, you might want to choose General MIDI emulation in VDMSound, as well as choose the General MIDI driver from the installation program. The MT-32, although superior to Adlib or SoundBlaster, is a precursor to General MIDI, so you should choose the latter when available.
By the way, when you are running Windows XP, it is possible not to use VDMSound for music synthesis at all if your audio card has an OPL chip for FM synthesis — most newer cards *do* not — as Windows XP has a built in emulator for SoundBlaster 16 for this case (presence of OPL chip). But the quality could be poor — so get VDMSound with VDMSLaunchpad, configure General MIDI and start gaming 🙂 Plus, it will sound the same on any machine running VDMSound.
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This is my first post here, but I’ve followed all discussions from the beginning. Cheers to Ken and Roberta! I’ve got a lot of ideas playing their games, and I’ve refined my English, too. This was more than 10-15 years ago.
And yes, there was something special in *some* of these games — the much more sensible plots than the ones present in today’s games, the emphasis on thinking while playing — not simply showing off graphics and sound. These games are still different than any adventure games of today, in the positive way, and I’m not saying that because of nostalgia.
Will post again here in the future.