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(re: Conquest of Camelot Sound Help) Please note that VDMS is designed for use with Windows NT, 2000 and XP. As is, it will not work with Windows ME (or 95/98) — however, there is a link on the website to an alpha version of VDMS for Windows 9x that worked for me with ME — but you have to follow the directions explicitly to get it to work! It appears (at least it has been my experience with a couple of recent sound cards) that many newer sound cards (read — not SB) are Windows specific and cannot be set to work under a DOS environment — some even having trouble with Linux or vice-versa (read no legacy modes/not SB compatible) — thus the need for a program like VDMS that emulates DOS sound modes in the Windows environment. In fact, if I understand correctly, VDMS doesn’t strictly even require a sound card to work properly (although sound would most certainly be rather crappy and tinny without one — using the PC speaker, I presume.)