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(A Long shot..) This is a complete long shot, and I really don’t have a suggestion on how to implement a solution for it… but… I have not used any of these new Sound utilites to try to get Sierra games to work on new computers (I just use my old 486) but the repeating sound problem that you have seems like what used to be back in the days before plug and play an IRQ setting problem… conflicting with another device using the same channel. All this is computer managed now as far as I know on newer systems, so I don’t know if you can get in and overide settings anymore, to try different ones. I do remember stuttering and repeating problems as recent as KQVII on a Win95 system if my memory recalls correctly, and was solved by proper IRQ and DMA settings.
Anyhow, this may or may not be the problem , or even make sense, but that’s my take on it from my end of the screen. I hope you are able to figure it out!
Good luck.