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These pop up for me too, but I use a modem (only popup when online). For anti-spyware, try searching yahoo for Spybot. it’s a good program (just make sure you don’t delete and adware you need to run programs)

also, in the spyware program, they have a thing just for you:

These are sent using the Messenger service integrated into Windows 2000 and XP (try the ‘net send’ command to see for yourself).
To disable the Messenger service, go to Start –> All Programs –> Administrative Tools –> Component Services. In Component Services, click on Services (Local), then on the right side, find Messenger and disable it.
Note: not everyone will have Administrative Tools in the Start menu. You need to make it visible under Taskbar and Start Menu Properties (right-click on taskbar –> Properties). The surest way to get to Component Services is to enter %systemroot%\system32\com\comexp.msc into the command line.