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(re: QG4 bugs) I used VDMSound to play all my old Sierra Games. From QFG1 (text version) up to the modern games. I also got some help from Sierra. Here is what they told me:
Try Running the program in either win9x or win2000 emulation.
To do this, locate the actual file executable. (For example, for counter-strike: c:\sierra\counter-strike\cstrike.exe is the executable.) Once located:
– Right-click on it & select properties
– Select the COMPATABILITY Tab
– Put the check in “Run this program in compatibility mode for”
– From the pull down menu, select windows 98
– Click APPLY
– Click OK
– Try running the program now .
This really helped me in playing QFG4, QFG5, and Phantasmagoria. Anyway I hope it works out for ya.