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(re: Space Quest 4 CD) Klick the hand on the timepod immediately after entering the scene (having set speed to minimum and detail to maximum of course) and you’re through. You’ll definitely be stuck in the galaxy galleria running from SP though (in the hoverblade arena sequence).
There used to be a savegame download to get you past those tricky situations at’s techsupport (like the one they still have there for SQ1), but I can’t find the SQ4 one anymore there. Look hard on the web, maybe it’s still out there somewhere!
Damn, I hoped to put the download link up here, so you could get it right away, but somehow it’s gone. Sorry for this. I think I still have these savegames somewhere, though. If you can’t find them, post you’re e-mail address here and I’ll look for ’em and send ’em to you.