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(re: re: re: KINGS QUEST 5) Hi there! I recently had a REALLY ANNOYING problem with this one: I played the whole thing through under DOS 7.0 on a Pentium 133 alright with no problems whatsoever, but in the closing sequence it simply hung up with Cassima saying “After all you’ve been through, there MUST be a way!” I totally agreed ;), but there didn’t seem to be…
It didn’t do anything buggy, it just didn’t go on from there (except once, when I heard the wand sound effect once more and it really hung up with fuzzy graphics.) I was really pissed, as you can imagine. I had experienced weird timing problems in LSL3 already, where you have to wait an eternity for the elevator in the hotel to go up. So I tried leaving the computer on for about half an hour. That didn’t help either.
Does anybody have a solution to this one? It’s really frustrating to play through a game and then being deprived of the well-earned extro!!!