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(re: Gabriel Knight 1) Well, as I said I got past the problem I had earlier, but now I’ve hit another snag.
If you haven’t played the game and don’t want to read any spoilers, stop reading now!
In day 5 or 6 you should write this coded message on the Laveau tomb wall in the cemetery and I was pretty sure that I was on the right track earlier also, but after not getting it to work after many tries I looked in several walkthroughs and tried to get the message right. I’ve come to the conclusion that this game hates me – the bloody game still says that the message isn’t right.
Major spoilers coming up! The message is supposed to be “dj bring sekey madoule”, but after entering that message and pressing the exit button, Gabriel just wipes out the message and says something about having a feeling that the message isn’t quite right.
Is there someone here who could help me with this problem? Am I doing something wrong, or what?