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Wow… I didn’t know you could play the DOS version under XP! (I could never get it to work.)

Are you using VDMSound? If yes, try playing the game without it just so you can get through the point with the crash. I had to do this in a few places with the DOS version of GK2.

Have you tried slowing down the game with Turbo or Moslo? If it’s a speed issue, that should help. (I never got this far in the game, I don’t think… are you past the part with the beignet guy at the police station yet?)

What version of the game do you have? The DOS games are very particular when it comes to versions, so it might work better if you can find someone who has the same version as you who can load up your saved game, play through that spot, and send it back to you. I have the GK Mysteries version and will happily load it up on win98 to help you out, if that’s the version you have too.


ps for the mac user, I’m sorry, I tried to find more info for you about the type 12 error but wasn’t able to come up with anything.