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(re: Running older games on Windows XP) It’s been fun getting most of my Sierra Games from the late 80’s to before the company went with the new owners to even run. But it seems that the only games from that time that I didn’t already throw out are my Sierra Games. Always revisiting them brings you back to when gaming was great. Still miss the normal Sierra Gang and the wonderful games they made. I would have bought Kings Quest XXXVI if it came out.
But there is a program I found out there that will also help. For people who have PCI sound cards like the SBLive and SBAudigy, getting sound to work on the “Older” games where you had to pick the video card and the Sound card can be nothing short of a nightmare since those sound cards do not emulate DOS drivers in Windows XP. After searhing for years to get something to work, I found a program called SounfFX 2000. It’s from a company in England, but it works wonders for all of my older Sierra Games. It’s not always 100% on but with a little setting here and there, your music will play like the best of them.
It amazes me. It’s 16 color, basic Midi, yet I’m still in wonder as if it’s were up to todays standards.
I always did love the company. And it’s sad the direction it went into after it was sold, but at least I have my old titles! The classics.

Where you can find SoundFx 2000