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(re: Running older games on Windows XP) Yes, this feature has helped with old Windows games. It can be found in Windows 2000 with the service packs, too. It also gives a convenient way to change your resolution/color depth to 640×480 256 colors for the games that require it. This does not, however, address many other issues that plague old 16 bit Windows programs running under an NT OS. Much effort has been made by the fans of these old classics to get them to run on modern machines with XP. There are some problems, though, that refuse to be solved. This is why projects such as DOSBox are so important.
As far as the timer bugs go, a new development is a patch that someone from the message board of SpaceQuest.Net is developing a patch for the SCI games. This patch is nothing short of amazing. It has solved the “Error 52” problem in the DOS QfG 4, Yorics Maze in QfG 1 VGA, the timer bugs in Space Quest 4, 5 and 6. In “Conquests of the Longbow” Robin head no longer spasms.
Read through the thread and get the patches here: