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(re: re: re: Help me please, I’m desperate!) I guess could call DOSBox a DOS virtual machine. That is to say it emulates an entire DOS based PC including the CPU, sound and video. There’s even a recent provision of an Epson based dot matrix printer!
It’s constantly evolving and improving with the most recent versions able to play 32bit protected mode titles. It needs a powerful host to be able to run some of the more complex titles.
More details can be found at their site :

If you like your games to be 1) insert disc 2) play then don’t bother looking at DOSBox. Having read your unwarranted rant about SQIV and the [well-known] timer issue and your resolution to just give up I don’t think DOSBox will suit you. However, it’s a real gem of a tool and if you take the time to understand it, a few minutes tweaking per game can provide you with many hours of ‘retro’ gaming!