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Rani, what is DOSBox and what exactly does it do?

As for “never stop playing SQ4,” I’m afraid I’ve done just that. I can’t get the laptop out of the glove compartment of the crashed shuttlecraft because by the time I have it in inventory, I’m dead via the “Droid-o-Death.” The interface is simply not set up to where I can run in and use the hand tool repeatedly to click on the glove compartment, open it up, grab the laptop and THEN switch to the ‘walk’ icon in time to walk off-screen. I simply can’t do it, I keep getting zapped, and the Droid shows up EVERY time. The problem is that the interface is a piece of…well, you know. If I try to manually click with the mouse to move from Hand to Walk icon, by the time I’ve got it, I’m dead. If I try to move the mouse to the top part of the screen and select the Walk icon from the drop-down menu, I’m still dead.

I know there’s a solution but I don’t care to find it. Space Quest IV is far too much trouble for me, I’m giving up.