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Never stop playing Space Quest IV as it’s really one of the best old classics, the solution to ALL your problems is so simple:

1. Download DOSBox. 

2. Install DOSBox.

3. Launch DOSBox.

4. A black window with some text will appear. Type the following in it:

Mount C C:\Sierra (then press enter)

In what’s written above I assumed that you install the game to the directory/folder C:\SIERRA, if for example you installed it to D:\SQ4 then you should type:

Mount C D:\SQ4

Other examples:

Mount C C:\Sierra\SQ4
Mount C C:\SQ4
Mount C D:\Sierra\SQ4-CD
etc …

Once you typed the correct statement continue reading.

5. Type:

C: (then press enter)

6. Type:

Sierra (then press enter)

7. That’s it, this will solve ALL the problems, and it works.

If you have any questions let me know, and by the way, you should be using DOSBox for ALL sierra adventure games in order to have them work with no problems at all.