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“…1. I select BASE.
2. Sound card? I don’t know… the installation never asks me about sound card. All it asks me is base or extended. I have a Gateway PC, running windows XP.
3. For MIDI playback, it says “Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth”…”
Select ‘extended’. That’s General MIDI, which the Microsoft Synth is fully capable of producing. That should be fine. If you run VDM Sound it will run it fine.

“…Well, see, after LotR, I got into fandom, which led me to David Wenham fandom, and yeah. Since I’ve been in this fandom, I learned about seachange, etc, but of course, being in the US I’ve never been able to get any of his DVDs except the Bank, and I see *cough* BTS but I’m just not that sort of person LOL! Anyhoo, I’m glad he’s well-known and respected in his homeland. I really wish he’d come here and *change* Hollywood, and make it a more valuable place. Not sell out, but just… um… contribute beneficially. ^_^
Well, LOTR did highlight Australia/NZ’s talents 🙂

SeaChange was special. I think it changed this country.

I don’t know that Australian actors ARE respected enough, even here. I think Wenham’s underrated, probably. But then again Australians generally watch US films, so unless he WAS in Hollywood they wouldn’t know 🙂

I wish someone would destroy Hollywood and we could start again 🙂 I am sick of movies like ‘Monster-In-Law’.

“…You know when I download Kq it asks me if i want to play from cd or install in hard drive. First time I installed it I did it to hard drive. I reinstalled it to play from cd and now during the game, the people don’t talk but it brings up their picture box like they are going to say something. But I play the game with vdm sound program. So I am guessing it’s dos. I really don’t know. So I guess send me 1 set of intstructions and if that doesn’t work I will bother you with some more! Thanks so much!
Well, seems like you’ve set something up incorrectly. Are you running Sierra.exe with VDM Sound? If so, open your resource.cfg file with Notepad, and copy/paste it here.

– Alistair