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“…I Can hear the music on KQ6. But There isn’t any talking. If the setting is on speech and I have the bubble to talk to someone, it doesn’t do anything. And it is really boring me trying to play with it in text mode. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?…”

Obviously, your speech isn’t working. It’s your settings. But are you using DOS or Windows to run the game? The solution I give depends on which version.

“…I have the exact opposite problem: The talking, narration and colors are all fine. The ONLY thing missing is the music and the background sound. The MUSIC and the background sounds are so necessary for my kq6 experience!!! Does anyone know what is going on? I just recently installed kq6 on my Windows XP with the VDM instructions provided elsewhere in the forum.

I also have another little question: In the instructions, when it says to change the line “movieplayer = 1” to “movieplayer = 0” in the sierra.ini notepad file, I had a different line there instead! I originally had



… So I decided to change “sync=D:” to “sync=.” with the other lines.

The game works fine, but is this small different in my file contributing to the lack of music and sound???

Help would be appreciated!!…”
Assuming you’re running in Windows, to solve your MIDI music problems, 3 questions.
1. What do select when you install the game for MIDI? Base, extended?
2. What sound card do you use?
3. In Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, Audio, what do you have under ‘MIDI music playback’?

“…ps. I notive there are some Australians on this forum? I am currently in a fandom community for David Wenham… I have a little Aussie fixation right now =p
I’m Australian, for irony’s sake 🙂

David Wenham’s great. One of the true Aussie actors, hasn’t sold out in Hollywood, usually is in great stuff. Assuming you live outside Australia, I don’t suppose you ever saw a TV show called SeaChange? That was probably Wenham at his peak.
Interesting to see someone who likes Australians, anyway. I suppose it’s a lot better than ‘Where’s Australia?’ which is most Sierra fans 😉

– Alistair