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The version of VDMS that I gave you the link to has the Launchpad included. A batch file is just a text file of commands that you want to run, that has a “.bat” extension instead of a “.txt” extension. If you have: C:\SIERRA\KQC\KQ6\SCIV.EXE typed in the bat file and SCIV.EXE is in the C:SIERRA\KQC\KQ6 folder, when you double click on the bat file, it will launch SCIV.EXE. VDMS will not work with DOS executables, but it will work with “.bat” files, which is why we need the bat file. You can also set bat files to run with compatability mode, too. Don’t click the “Find Target” button. If you look at that page of the shortcut properties, you will see a column on the left that starts out with Target type: Target location: Target: what is to the right of Target: is the text that you should copy into Notepad. It should say something like C:\SIERRA\KQC\KQ6\SCIV.EXE C:SIERRA\KQC\KQ6\SIERRA.INI Yours may be different, depending on where you installed the game. After you have copyed this into notepad, save your new file in the games folder, but be sure to save it with the “.bat” extension, such as “KQ6.bat” or even “King’s Quest VI.bat” It is this file that you want to run with VDMS. If you still have trouble, just ask for more help here.