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Thanks for your help, Collector! The only games I haven’t been able to get running are KQ6 and LB2. The one thing in your instructions that I can’t seem to get right is how to make a batch file. Can you further explain that? I was able to work around that problem with KQ5 and just switch my system settings, however I don’t think I can get KQ6 running without a batch file? I installed KQ6 through the KQC SETUP CD and am working with the KQ6 files now on my hard drive from there. Regarding your above instructions I had problems with the following: (1) I found no HDLOGO.AVI file, however I didn’t care much since you said to delete it anyway. (2) Like I said I’m having problems making a batch file. When I right click the shortcut and select properties, you want me to copy what is in the target box for the shortcut into Notepad, right? When I click on the “Find Target” box I see all the icons and am not sure what to copy into Notepad in order to make the batch file. I can’t copy these icons in there, can I? I think I’m confused as to what I’m supposed to do. So where it stands now, after I set compatability in SCIV file to WIN98/256 colors and try to run, nothing is happening. But I realize that I probably can’t go any further without being able to run using VDMS, since I can’t even do that with the SCIV file. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!