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Just got it working, with sound! 🙂 Basically, I had it running in both DOS & Windows, but couldn’t get the sound working (I’m running the CD version using WinXP). Here’s how I got the sound to work (using the DOS version):

1. I’ve got the file sierra.exe running in Windows 95 compatability with 256 colors & 640×480 screen.

2. I’ve installed it to use Soundblaster for both music & audio.

3. This is the important bit! I’ve copied the audio files from the CD (easiest way to do this is just copy the contents of KQ5 on the CD into the KQ5 folder on your hard drive). I then opened the resource.cfg file in Notepad, and where it reads audio= d: (or whatever letter your cd drive is) I changed it to read audio= .\ (thanks to collector for this!).

It now works perfectly (well, so far)!

(oh yeah, I also ran the gosierra patch).