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I have played every single Sierra talkie CD rom including QG4 using nothing but VDM Sound on XP or in some cases running the Window’s versions. I’m running a P3-600 Mhz with XP and Dos Box can’t handle the sound.

I have only had 1 problem game, all the other games have run perfectly, and since using the great fixes for the speed problems there hasn’t been any need to use DosBox at all.

The one exception is King’s Quest 5 CD version which the sound is all jittery and the speech just plain out doesn’t work. Also the intro sequence just skips through like a slideshow. But in DosBOX I get the exact same results so its clearly something screwy in my setup – the disk version of KQ5 runs fine in VDM.

Space Quest 4 CD which came out at a similar time to KQ5 runs perfectly with VDM sound – so I need to play around with KQ5 a little more to get that one going.

I find it weird when loads of people say the only and best way is to use DosBOX, and that they can’t get the games running in XP with VDM sound. DosBox is great for some games that just don’t run anymore, but for Sierra games I don’t see any need for it.