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you’re right about speed; you need at least a 600 mhz machine to play the game at full speed w/ general midi in dosbox, and 800 mhz to play the games with MT32 emulation.. but theres give and take either playing straight in dos or in dosbox.. like i mentioned QG4 speech isnt perfect, even with VDMsound, under dos in win 2k/xp, but do you get the speed advantage, however in dosbox you have the advantage of playing in a window, playing with scale2x filter so that the screens look much nicer than regular EGA/VGA, using your video card’s gamma correction, etc..

but im not trying to undermine your work, its great (when i first heard of it its actually what got me back into the adventure gaming mood again), and im thinking of making a website myself as kind of an archive of all things sierra (or at least quest for glory) and posting *all* of the methods to fix the bugs in sierra games.