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“One other bug that would be nice to have fixed is the audio error that you get with the Windows version under XP.”

I’m not using XP, so there’s nothing I can do about that. AFAIK though you can use VDMsound and then run the DOS version under XP which is better anyway.

Either way, the point of using patches instead of DOSbox is that DOSbox works around bugs by making the system not too fast, whereas patches FIX bugs (notice how the game still works the same on old systems). Also, you’ll need a high-end system, which not everyone has, to run DOSbox at Pentium speed to make QG4/SQ6 playable at an acceptable speed.

“such as the Windows version of KQ6 not launching on the NT kernel”

Ah, KQ6, the only game where there’s actually an excuse for using the Windows version. 🙂 Though I personally find the “Hi-Res character art” to be uglier than the low-res faces…

” the save bug with GK1.”

I think Endroz was working on that one… maybe you should email him  and ask him how he’s doing…