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You can still have timer bugs with both VMWARE or Virual PC. DOSBox 0.6 works pretty well with QfG4, though the sound is not as good as with VDMSound. DOSBox will work fine on Windows 9x, not just Windows 2000/XP. The main limitation of DOSBox is more of a matter of the speed of the host machine, not the OS. There are Windows, Linux and Mac OS ports of it. If your machine is a little too slow for DOSBox, you can play the DOS version of the game with VDMSound and save your game right before you encounter one of the buggy places in the game. Exit the game, start it again in DOSBox, play your saved game in DOSBox to get past the buggy spot and save it again. Once you are past the bug you can run it with VDMS again from your new save game.