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Heres a sure fire way around error 52 in QFG4

Option 1: (What I do)
Use VMWARE or Virual PC (There are demos to download)
Install dos 6.22. That is enough for me to get the floppy QFG4 to run into the swamp and out with no problems.. even install Windows 3.1 and play windows versions (on VPC as VM ware has no 256 color support for 3.1) A friend added mo slow TO the emulated PC and got great results aswell.
Sorry dos box is pretty lame, for a free product its cool
but its got nothing on VM or VPC. You want to emulate the EXACT environment they were played in.

Option 2: Kill that cache

If your not sure on what a BIOS is, I suggest you dont do this. But if you disable the L2 cache in your computers bios your pc will run like a dawg ^^. This will allow QFG4 to work no matter how fast your pc is. Problem is if you run windows XP etc prepare to wait half an hour to load 😛
With cache disabled QFG still runs great but you should make a DOS boot disk and a FAT hard drive partition to run the game. If you wait for windows to load, you may die of old age in the process.

I think Option 1 is by FAR the best alternative, and if your a dedicatd old school game collector like me it is the only choice and worth the $$$. I was seriously coinsiderign setting up a 486 DX in my already computer filled house and im glad I didnt.

Let me know how you go.