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(re: re: Possible bugfix)

DosBOX is not for you – simply because it emulate DOS and old-computer enviroment, intended mainly for Win2000/XP.

By the way, the CD (speech) version of QFG4 is more debugged than the Floppy version, that’s why you’re experiencing less problems.

Are you sure you’ve done everything you’re supposed to?
As far as I remember, in order to be able to get to the sacrifice matter, you need to talk with Magda (the Gypsey elder woman) a couple of times, as well as learn about this from Erana, including knowing that “Ritual of Release” spell, and meeting with Toby and Tanya in their room a couple of times. For that, you should have got the doll, after meeting and helping the Domovoi. Your character should also learn about Tanya from the inn-keepers. (you should be waken up in the middle of the night, +talk with them)… if all that doesn’t help (and try to go back with saved games and do it) … another thing that matters is when you do things… so sometimes just restarting (fresh) with the character helps to solve problems… from experience!

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