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(re: Shadow of Darkness) Yes, unfortunately QG4 was probably the buggiest game Sierra ever released. Which is really a shame because it’s such a fantastic game.
By the by, it’s “chernovy”. 🙂
Anyhow, Error 52 is, among Sierra gamers, the most notorious bug of all time. The reason for it is because QG4 was never meant to be played on computers that can run at the speed they do today. If you have an old computer or laptop that you can play it on, you might be able to get through this scene. I was able to get past this part the first few times I played it, on my old computer. Unfortunately, I can’t win the game anymore.
You might try downloading Turbo, MoSlo, or CPUKiller. If you look up any of those on Google or Yahoo, you’re sure to find a place where you can download them. The purpose of these programs is to slow down your computer to the speed of the older computers that these games were originally written for. Each program can be turned on and off fairly easily, so you could just turn it on for the extent of your game playing.
Unfortunately, I can’t promise that any of these will work. They never did for me. But I know that they have worked for some people so hopefully they’ll work for you.
It is my belief that Sierra put out the greatest computer games of all time, and I’ve been playing them and replaying them since I was 4 years old (when King’s Quest 1 was first released). But sadly, a big handful of them, mostly released from the early to mid 90s, were quite buggy and just won’t work on today’s computers. It’s really disappointing for a person like me who loves to replay old games.