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Hi there…instead of starting a whole new thread, I thought I’d just add my problem to this one. The game keeps locking up for me in the swamp, when stick-in-the-mud and rotten tomato are slinging the swamp ooze around. I’m currently using the original cd version of the game, although I also have both the King’s Quest Collection version and the Roberta William’s Anthology version–I honestly can’t remember if either of these had the same problem, since it’s been a while since I played them (though I certainly do remember encountering the same lock-up in the past…just can’t remember if I was using the cd, or one of the collections then). I’m running the game on an old laptop with Win95–I bought it a few years ago specifically for playing older games on, and it works perfectly for 99% of them–the exceptions being KQ6, LB2 (that chase scene thing, which seems to be unavoidable), and QFG4 (the infamous Error 52). So, if anyone could offer any suggestions about what to do, it would be much appreciated!