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Always skip the Sierra system checks on modern machines. Go to the CD and copy the folders for 1-4 and KQ1SCI to your Sierra folder on your hard drive. For 1-3, just run SIERRA.COM to play these games. If you have trouble with the text, play these three with NAGI.

For 1-4 and KQ1SCI, you can drag shortcuts to your desktop for easy access.

for 5 and 6, go to either game’s folder on the CDs (1st CD for 5, 2nd for 6) and run SETUP.EXE to install the Windows versions, or INSTALL.EXE to install the DOS versions. If you install the DOS versions, you will need to run them with VDMSound.

Notes about KQ5: Many have trouble getting the speech to work with the DOS version of KQ5, but the Windows version is subject to the infamous “Out of heap” error. For the Windows version, your screen resolution MUST be set to 640×480, 256 colors before you start the game (it checks your resolution before compatibility mode can change it) and XP hides this mode. You can get to it in the advanced disply settings, though. For a more convenient way, replacing the Windows shortcut with a batch file set to compatibility mode, 640×480, 256 will also work. See: 

To get the Windows version of KQ6 running, it will be a little more involved, after you have installed it. See this thread for help: