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Thanks for your suggestions “Collector”,your suggestions worked!But I also figured out an easier solution,I installed Inca2 on my old trusty 386 pc and it worked perfectly, first try,with no tweaking at all!Its a 386dx pc with an isa soundblaster 1.0 card,8 megs of ram, 4x cd-rom,and only 512k of video ram!,runs on dos 6.22, and win 3.11.Figured I’d post this system ,so that other players can possibly gain help from it.KEEP those old pc’s!!!!!!!!!there’re fabulous for old games.I set the date on this 386 10 years ago and put it away,the time and date are RIGHT ON THE MONEY after all that time!!!,it even accounted for daylight savings!!Ahhh ,the good old days, when games practically installed themselves,not like todays pc’s.I didnt think the game would ever run on an old system like this,so i didnt bother,never say never!Thanx!!!