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(RE: Any other suggestions?) An old Win98 bootdisk I had from a few years ago I tweaked a bit and made a quick floppy image of it. Get it
Link: here( 

Simply unzip the files into a directory and run the makedisk.cmd to make the floppy. With this setup, you should get approximately 638K (out of 655K) available memory. Of course, that memory quantity is w/o sound, mouse drivers.

Edit: I already posted and forgot this was Win98. The .cmd extension may not work in 98, I can’t remember. If not, simply rename it to .bat instead.

However, as collector said, you need to have sound drivers installed for DOS to utilize sound. The main point of this rather is to check that there now will be sufficient memory to run the game since you had problems with not enough memory available, and if so, to incorporate this config.sys and autoexec.bat into your own, which probably contain your sound drivers, et al. Disregard the SCSI drivers and Zip driver stuff. I had to have those in my old bootdisk to use a SCSI CDROM and Zip drive at the time.

Hope it helps…