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Tawmis and any others more knowledgeable than I.  Finaly got to play KQ8.  I’m on a WinXPpro. SVpack 3 machine.  Got all the way to entering Realm of the sun when the error message arrived with “need a new indeo codec”.  Had all the hangups others have had early in the game.  Been all over Sierra sites and the web.  Installed the Sierra  KQCollection Serries Setups for Mask.  Still had to try various combinations of graphics choices in the options menues in order to get various cutscene videos throughout the game to run and allow me back to mouse control.  Researched the Indeo codec problem.  Got both the archived file 5.11 and finaly found a free version of 5.2 (which indeo wants to sell for $14.95) when web research shows it is not a significant update to 5.11.   Installed all the codec updates but still get the same error message.  Has anyone had the same problem?  Is there a solution?  Sierra fan from the very start, inc. All KQ, Laura Bow, etc.  Thanks for any info.  Steve