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Yep.  I could’ve put together a better collection with about a week’s work with minimal effort.  No excuse for it.  With the time it took for them to release these collections, I was hoping they were actually putting effort into it and maybe updating the games to work natively in XP/Vista and solving driver problems.

If I was making the collections, I’d include every game with scans of the releases of the different game materials as well as box scans and clue book scans.  I also would’ve included support for different versions of the game in some way or another, like the Apple IIgs versions (which are vastly superior to the DOS AGI games).  I’d do that either through emulation or just by updating the games.  I’d update all of the games to run natively on newer systems and iron out the bugs and driver problems (like 3dfx games).  And if none of that was feasible from a business standpoint, then I’d just release the games for free or open source them.